Autonomy of

being itself.

Itree encourages people to get to know what inspires them and to explore their personal qualities to get rid of the repetitive patterns that cause fears and internal prisons. Itree leads people to look at their interior windows and detect the external factors that hinder their self-care process..

Itree contributes to the internal transformation of people and the development of healthy habits, in a sensitive and intuitive way, understanding in an inclusive and empathetic way the unique narratives of each person. Itree’s goal is to show that it is possible to develop a life plan that offers ways for people to find their capacity to express their authenticity and exercise their independence of acting, thinking and feeling.

Itree is a methodological platform that helps people who want to explore the possibilities of expanding the body’s performance in search of quality of life and physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological autonomy. Through the combination of ancestral practices and techniques, it intersects Medical and Alchemical Astrology, Dharma and Yin Yoga, Alchemical Florals and Conscious Eating in order to develop a life plan that offers ways for people to express themselves with authenticity.

Connected with the search for methods of managing the quality of life and autonomy of Being, Itree offers tools that allow you to follow paths that lead to a deep journey of discovery about yourself. She believes that in line with healing processes that allow consciousness and body to be awakened, it is possible to achieve the best version of individual and consequently collective agency.

It is a commitment to welcome all people, to understand in an inclusive and empathetic way the unique narratives of each Being, to encourage towards an inspiring path that allows exploring the qualities and freeing limiting patterns, through the handling of methodological tools in a strategic and responsible manner.

Content production is developed by Raica Oliveira, who addresses issues related to health, well-being and the methodology offered on the platform. “I believe that offering informative content makes the journey also possible through study.”

Itree aims to be a methodology reference that helps people in the authentic search for personal transformation, aligned with the individual sensitivity of understanding the relationship of healthy habits with the achievement of quality of life, through respect for divine, cultural, spiritual, social and physical diversity of each Being.


Raica Oliveira

I’m Raica Oliveira, I was born in Brazil in the city of Niterói. In the desire to deepen my knowledge about care practices and spiritual alignment, I started a deep journey of studies that led me to develop Itree.

Since then I have been striving to improve my knowledge and seeking to deepen this continuous process which is the search for physical and spiritual balance, in order to help other people who also wish to dive into the infinity particular about themselves.

From these experiences I founded Itree, a unique methodology that intersects creativity, alchemical florals, yoga practice, medical and alchemical astrology and changing eating habits as a path to personal transformation.



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